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EnableHealth Announces Launch of the National Sports Health -NetworkConcierge Care for Former Elite

For Immediate Release 10-28-2022

Contact: Mark W. Stevens 484.653.8571

PHILADELPHIA – The Principals and Advisors of EnableHealth, a global health IT and innovation consultancy, are proud to announce the launch of their new startup, the National Sports Health Network.

“Elite athletes have access to the finest care at no cost while actively engaged with their sport. Upon retirement,” said Mark Stevens, Managing Partner at EnableHealth, “most lose access to that care, often suffering as a result.”

“The National Sports Health Network (NSHN) is committed to meeting the moral imperative of providing former elite athletes with access to the best medical care available,” said Stevens. “NSHN will do this by offering personalized concierge care referrals through our highly-curated national network of top-rated specialty physicians.”

There are over 150,000 retired professional athletes currently in the U.S., with an additional 200,000 retired Olympic athletes and over 10 million former NCAA athletes. A recent national survey of former elite athletes across pro/amateur sports revealed:

• 68% cited physician expertise as the first or second most important aspect for them in healthcare

• 54% with orthopedic related health issues were not under the care of a physician

• 36% who were being treated by a physician were not satisfied with their orthopedic care

The National Sports Health Network is currently in its initial pilot phase, with a focus on orthopedic, behavioral health and pain management specialties and is seeking additional seed funding from engaged investors. For more information, please contact Mark Stevens at

The National Sports Health Network will be presenting at EnableHealth’s HealthSportsTech Summit at Well by HLTH at the Venetian in Las Vegas on November 17, 2022.

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